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You will earn up to 8% commission on each confirmed booking made through your affiliate link or your custom coupon code.

A custom coupon code will be set for you following a discussion with your affiliate manager. It will provide a discount to your audience as well as allow you to earn commissions on confirmed bookings when used as checkout.

At the beginning of each month Cookly will check which of your pending bookings have been confirmed (i.e. attended to by customers over the past month). Cookly will trigger a payment if the total amount that is owed to you is superior to 30 USD. Triggered payments will be sent to your Paypal or Payoneer account by the 15th of each month.

Any fraudulent use of your affiliate link or custom coupon code will result in your account and your commissions being put on hold, and an investigation to be conducted. If you are deemed responsible for the fraudulent use and no agreement between our parties can be reached, your account will be terminated and all pending bookings cancelled.

Fraudulent use of custom coupon code or affiliate link include, but are not limited to: posting them to third-party websites or any website domain that has not been approved by Cookly, cookie dropping, online advertising...

Free cooking classes will be offered to selected affiliates. Conditions will be shared with affiliates each time free cooking classes slots are opened.